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Automobile suspension components and their functions

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The suspension is located at the bottom of the car. Many people confuse the chassis with the suspension, but in fact the chassis and the suspension are not the same as the chassis. The scope of the chassis is greater than that of the suspension. The suspension acts as a connection between the wheels and the body. When the car encounters potholes while driving, the suspension can absorb and buffer certain forces to ensure a comfortable ride.

The following Jiahangaero will describe some components in the suspension system in detail:



减震器The shock absorber is a part of the car suspension. The function of the shock absorber is to control the up and down vibration of the vehicle spring and suspension, to a certain extent eliminate the bumps of the car while driving, and ensure that the car tires and the ground maintain contact.

You can simply understand the shock absorber as a hydraulic oil pump. Its working principle is to absorb the kinetic energy of the suspension vibration, convert it into heat energy, and dissipate the heat energy through the heat exchange mechanism. When the suspension vibrates up and down, the piston moves inside the shock absorber. At this time, the hydraulic fluid inside the shock absorber will flow through the orifice inside the piston, which will slow the piston down. The greater the amplitude of the suspension vibration, the larger the orifice, and therefore the greater the amplitude of the suspension vibration, the greater the resistance provided by the shock absorber. At present, there is no unified standard for the classification of shock absorbers on the market. Jiahangaero divides shock absorbers into three types according to different types: telescopic type, strut type, and spring seat.


The function of the ball joint is to connect the suspension system with the wheel, which can withstand various lateral and horizontal loads on the car. The ball joint is equivalent to a hub, similar to the human body's patella. ball jointSpecifically, it connects the control arm inside the suspension system to the steering knuckle, a ball joint that also acts as a pivot axis when the vehicle is cornering. Most car suspensions will have upper and lower ball joints.

To ensure the normal operation of the ball joint, oil is needed for lubrication. When dirt and impurities enter the ball joint, the lubrication of the ball joint will be damaged, affecting the normal operation of the ball joint, as well as rust and wear. Will affect the ball joint. The ball joint is usually not damaged, but once there is a problem with the ball joint, it is very serious, it will affect the steering accuracy of the car, and will produce huge noise, and in severe cases, it will affect the stability of the wheel. Generally speaking, the service life of the ball joint is very long, and the impact on its life mainly depends on the daily driving habits, whether the road is smooth or not, and the quality of the ball joint. Jiahangaero has produced control arms and control arms for more than 30 years, and has developed and produced control arms for more than 300 models. The quality of the control arm itself and the ball joint is widely praised in the industry.


stabilizer bar linkThe stabilizer bar can also be called anti-roll bar and stabilizer bar. It is a car suspension component that keeps the body balanced when the car is turning. As the name suggests, it is used to keep the car balanced and prevent the car from rolling over. When the car turns, the body will lean to one side, the weight of the body will be transferred to the outside more, and the outer suspension will be compressed, and the overall vehicle is in danger of rollover. At this time, the stabilizer bar will push the suspension on the inside of the corner to compress, to ensure the contact between the wheels and the ground to obtain grip, and to control the stability of the car so that it will not roll over.


The control arms are part of the suspension system and are the connection point between the front wheels and the frame, and play a vital role in the overall stability and drivability of the vehicle. Its function is to connect the steering knuckle with the body, so that the wheels are attached to the steering knuckle. At the knuckle end, the control arm is connected by a ball joint that keeps the knuckle turning and enables the wheels to move smoothly in all directions, allowing the vehicle to turn in either direction when moving forward or backward. control armWhether it is a smooth road or a muddy and potholed road, the joints on the frame side of the control arm keep the wheels in contact with the ground at all times, and the control arms on both sides work together to ensure that the vehicle can run safely and fully on the road. If the control arm is damaged, it will cause the vehicle to vibrate, shake, the steering wheel is inaccurate, abnormal noise, uneven tire wear and other problems, which will seriously affect the driving safety. If it is found, it should be inspected and replaced in time.

Many current vehicles have upper and lower control arms for each front wheel, connected to the highest and lowest steering nodes. This kind of structural design can ensure the firmness of the vehicle suspension and the stability of driving to a large extent, but not all suspension systems of cars have upper control arms. At present, the control arm usually has“A”shape,“L”shape or wishbone shape, and there is no specific difference between good and bad. The main reason for the difference in shape is that the designer has different designs for the chassis. At present, the material of the control arm is mainly composed of steel, iron or aluminum alloy. The control arm made of aluminum alloy is corrosion-resistant, light-weight, strong and strong in damage resistance, but the price is higher than that of steel and iron control arms. Therefore, at present Almost all high-end models use aluminum alloy control arms. Jiahangaero specializes in the production and manufacture of aluminum alloy control arms with a history of more than 30 years. We has produced more than 300 models of control arms. if you have cooperation intention, welcome to contact us.


The steering knuckle, is a car suspension component located in front of the wheel. The front wheel of every car has a steering knuckle, which connects the hub with the suspension system and tie rods through a ball joint. When the car turns, the tie rod will push the movement of the steering knuckle to drive the rotation of the front wheels to complete the steering.

The service life of the steering knuckle is very long, but if there is a collision or encounters a deep pit, the steering knuckle may be damaged. If the steering knuckle is damaged, the steering may be inaccurate, the car's handling will decrease, and it will issue an abnormal sound when turning. Noisy, seriously affecting driving safety.

Jiahangaero Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in precision aluminum alloy manufacturing,we have suspension parts over 300 car model. Click here contact us.



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