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Fierce! With a total planning of 8150 mu, qiantang Dajiangdong Aerospace new industry platform has come

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To promote the construction of a new industrial platform of "ten thousand mu hundred billion" is an important decision and deployment made at the 14th Party Congress of Guangdong Province, a major measure to promote the high-end of the province's industry and achieve high-quality economic development, as well as a specific action to build the province's "top-matching version" industrial development platform. On April 15, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on announcing the first batch of Cultivation list of New industrial platforms of "ten thousand mu billion" in Zhejiang Province (Zhejiang Development and Reform Industry [2019] No. 191). Seven industrial platforms in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Shaoxing and Taizhou were selected as the first batch of cultivation list of new industrial platforms of "ten thousand mu billion" in Zhejiang Province. "Zhejiang Development and Reform" will launch the development plan of 7 industrial platforms in succession, must pay attention to oh ~

Aviation and aerospace industry is the concentrated embodiment and important symbol of the comprehensive national strength of the country, with high technology level, capital intensive, high value-added products, strong radiation driving ability and other characteristics, is one of the future industries of the national economy. Hangzhou Dajiangdong Aerospace "ten thousand mu hundred billion" new industry platform (referred to as "Dajiangdong New Industry Platform") is located in Hangzhou Qiantang New Area (referred to as "Qiantang New Area"). The total planned area is about 5.43 square kilometers (8150 mu), consisting of two blocks: THE R&D area and the Smart Manufacturing Area, of which the total planned area is about 0.48 square kilometers (716.2 mu). Qiantang New Area has gathered a number of enterprises and R&D platforms such as Zhejiang Xizi Airlines, Zhejiang University Aimeiyi, Jiade Airlines, Zhejiang University Aviation Manufacturing High-end Equipment Research Center and so on, showing a good trend of industrial development. By 2025, the platform will be in a leading position in the development of the province's aerospace industry with prominent industrial agglomeration effect, breakthroughs in key areas and continuous enhancement of innovation capacity. It is expected that by 2035, a group of leading enterprises, flagship products, well-known brands and innovative achievements with strong international competitiveness will be formed to become an internationally renowned and leading aerospace industry cluster in China.

Industrial development Direction

To internationalization, high-end, the cluster as the guidance, to undertake for comac large aircraft parts manufacturing business as the breakthrough point, linkage zhoushan Boeing project, focus on developing large aircraft manufacturing, general aviation, ground support equipment, commercial space, aviation innovation services and so on five big areas, to promote integration of "production, study and research, with" development, The development model of "one academy, one Park, and one fund" has been established to build Dajiangdong into a national leading position in aerospace equipment manufacturing and a leading position in aerospace collaborative innovation in the Yangtze River Delta.

Do big do powerful aircraft associated manufacturing

With the manufacturing and assembly of large aircraft components as the core, we will accelerate the development of large aircraft components, interior decoration parts, new materials, related electronics and other segments, attract relevant military enterprises and private enterprises to enter, and accelerate the concentration of large aircraft manufacturing talents, technology and capital.

We will encourage the development of general aviation

We will encourage competitive enterprises to acquire foreign advanced general aircraft production licenses through acquisitions and mergers, and actively develop final assembly and manufacturing of light sport aircraft, trainer aircraft, small business aircraft, civil helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and new energy aircraft. In line with market demand, we encourage the introduction of small piston and scroll aero-engine production chain, and actively develop industrial chain links such as fuselage parts and application of new materials.

(General Aviation Industry Chain)

We will accelerate the development of ground handling and air traffic control equipment

Relying on dajiangdong automobile industry and equipment manufacturing industry foundation, increase investment attraction, focusing on the development of airport ferry vehicles, aircraft tractors, passenger elevator vehicles, baggage tractors, baggage transfer vehicles, material distribution vehicles, aerial work platform, etc. Actively cultivate the manufacturing industry of ground information support equipment, and make breakthroughs in related electronic systems and equipment such as ground navigation system, flight scheduling system and intelligent remote sensing system.

Aircraft tractor??

?? Airport shuttle bus

To foster and develop commercial spaceflight

It will strengthen cooperation with the Aerospace Science and Technology, Beihang University, China Southern University, Zhejiang University and other state-owned universities, and actively strive for the development and manufacture of small and medium-sized carrier rockets, small commercial satellites, satellite operation services, and ground equipment manufacturing and service projects to be settled in Dajiangdong. Combining the advantages of geographic information and artificial intelligence industry, we will actively promote the commercial application of remote sensing mapping and satellite navigation services.

(Key development links of commercial space industry)

We will strengthen innovative aviation services

We will actively develop aerospace R&D and design, aerospace testing and certification, aerospace culture, education and training, and aerospace maintenance and remanufacturing.

Landmark projects and leading companies

Zhejiang University -- Aviation and Aerospace Military-civilian Integration Collaborative Innovation Industrial Base project of Zhejiang University

Project Unit:

Zhejiang University has formed a group of unique research directions with the prospect of military-civilian integration industrialization, including aircraft digital manufacturing, uav, micro-satellite, aerospace electronics and so on.

Zhejiang Xizi Aviation Industry Co., LTD. -- Xizi Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Park

Project Unit:

Zhejiang Xizi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. mainly undertakes the development and production of C919 large passenger aircraft body structure parts and aircraft parts manufacturing business.

Zhejiang Xizi Aviation Industry Co., LTD. -- Xizi Aviation Phase II project

Project Status:

The second phase covers an area of 102 mu with a construction area of 73,300 square meters. It is planned to invest 650 million yuan to build a production base for large aircraft parts.

Zhejiang Jiahang Technology Co., LTD. -- Zhejiang Jiahang Technology Aviation parts project

Project Unit:

Zhejiang Jiahang Technology Co., LTD., whose parent company is Taizhou Jiade Forging Co., LTD., has obtained AS9100C aerospace quality system certification, mainly produces aircraft cabin seat accessories, catering cabinet accessories, toilet accessories, cabin interior and other aviation parts supporting units, its products are mainly used in Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The company has received orders for 1.8 million units.

Zhejiang Special Equipment Inspection And Research Institute -- National Special Metal Structure Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Project Unit:

Zhejiang Special Equipment Inspection Research Institute is one of the earliest special equipment inspection and testing institutions in China. At present, zhejiang province, has basically formed the kaixuan road building, national elevator product quality supervision and inspection center (zhejiang), the structure of the national special metal material quality supervision inspection center (zhejiang), the national industrial energy saving and green development evaluation center, as well as the comprehensive testing base, haining great river east special material quality base, xiasha institute of special equipment base, National Elevator Center Linping Base, Nanxun base, Tank truck inspection Zhenhai base, Quzhou base "one headquarters, three centers and seven bases" development layout.

The overall layout

According to the principles of industrial agglomeration, resource intensification, industry-city integration and regional linkage, dajiangdong New Industry Platform is planned to form the overall layout of "One Heart and four districts".

Yixin -- an aerospace innovation service center

To strengthen the innovative services of aeronautics and astronautics, speed up the agglomeration of aerospace field in colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, corporate research and development center, and other research institutions, actively develop aerospace research and development design, testing and certification services, personnel training, display exhibition, speed up the formation of "science and technology, research and development and talent + headquarters" multi-level and comprehensive innovation service system.

Zone IV -- Four intelligent manufacturing zones for aerospace industry

It includes large aircraft associated manufacturing area, ground handling and air traffic control equipment manufacturing area, general aviation manufacturing area and aerospace equipment manufacturing area. We will actively develop precision manufacturing of large aircraft components, key and core components, structural components, new aviation materials, advanced airborne equipment and systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and new types of satellites, so as to form a relatively complete aerospace manufacturing chain with independent innovation and strong competitiveness.

Support the project

1. Building high-standard facilities

(2) Attracting landmark projects

(3) To build a high-level scientific innovation carrier

(4) Gathering high-level talents

5. Strengthening investment and financing services

6. Promoting a green and low-carbon model



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