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Five ways of CNC machining of aluminum alloy parts

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Compared with traditional CNC processing technology, it has the characteristics of high precision, uniform structure, excellent performance and low production cost. Its products are widely used in electronic information engineering, biomedical equipment, office equipment, automobiles, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, clocks and watches Industry, weapons and aerospace and other industrial fields. How many ways are there for aluminum alloy CNC machining?

  • 1. Aluminum alloy oxidation processing

Because aluminum has strong corrosion resistance and is easy to oxidize, it is necessary to treat the surface of aluminum products to increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles.

  • 2. Aluminum alloy extrusion forming

Draw the required product model through the mold, pour the semi-finished aluminum material into the mold, and extrude it through the extrusion machine.

  • 3. Aluminum alloy casting and forming

The smelted molten aluminum is the first process of aluminum product processing through casting technology, and the required products are cast.

  • 4. Aluminum alloy smelting out impurities

The process of removing impurities in the melting furnace can ensure better performance of the product.

  • 5. The ingredients improve the hardness of the product

Because aluminum itself is a relatively soft material, some other things need to be added to produce products with relatively high hardness that everyone needs.


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