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Hydraulic Pipeline Fitting 90° Connections

Industry: Aerospace

Case analysis:


1. The 90°connector of the hydraulic pipeline system joint is the main part used for the connection of the hydraulic oil circuit of the aero-engine. This product is made of special aviation aluminum material, which is formed by warm forging. The heat treatment in the later process requires professional Nadcap standard certification. And the product requires a fluorescent penetrant inspection line manufactured by FPI American Magnetic Flux.

2. The procurement period is long and the price is high. From the geographical point of view, the communication cost for engineering/quality issues is relatively high. In order to solve these problems, customers urgently need to find suitable and compliant forging suppliers in China. It is required that the enterprise holds the AS9100 certification, has been deeply engaged in the aviation manufacturing field for many years and has a manufacturing enterprise with forging technology.


1. Project management: establish a project management team, listen to customer needs, and maintain good communication

2. R&D and design: The technical personnel of the two parties are deeply connected, and the mold flow analysis is carried out through the computer-aided design software to reduce the defects of the products in the later forming.

3. Quality control: The key dimensions related to the product drawings are clarified, and the quality system management and testing requirements are implemented.

4. Heat treatment control: The process is prepared according to the requirements of Nadcap standards, and the temperature accuracy of the furnace temperature uniformity of the heat treatment equipment reaches±2.8 °C to ensure that the mechanical performance requirements exceed or meet the product design requirements.

5. Flaw detection control: 100% of the products produced have undergone fluorescent penetrant inspection.

6. Production cost control: Control production costs through lean production to meet customer cost requirements


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