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What are the types of Auto Suspension Systems

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When it comes to automotive maintenance, it's important to understand the different types of auto suspension systems. Suspension systems are an integral component of a vehicle's performance and safety, playing an important role in providing a comfortable ride and helping maintain control of the vehicle. It's important for drivers to know the different types of suspension systems so they can make informed decisions about their vehicles.

  • Leaf Spring Suspension System

  • Coil Spring Suspension System

  • Torsion Bar Suspension System

  • Air Suspension System

  • Magnetic Suspension System

Auto Suspension Systems

Leaf Spring Suspension System

The leaf spring suspension system is the oldest form of the auto suspension system and is made up of several layers of curved metal that form an arc in the shape of a leaf. It is placed between the body of the car and the axle and is connected to the wheels via shock absorbers. The leaf spring is able to absorb the bumps and vibrations from the road, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable ride. It is usually installed in heavier vehicles and is considered reliable and cost-effective.


Coil Spring Suspension System

The Coil Spring Suspension System is one of the most commonly usedauto suspension system. This suspension system uses coil springs placed between the wheels and the frame of the car. The springs are connected to the frame and the wheels and act as shock absorbers. The coil springs are designed to absorb the shock of the wheels when they hit bumps in the road and keep the car from bouncing. The Coil Spring Suspension System is the preferred choice for vehicles that require a high level of stability and durability, such as SUVs and off-road vehicles.

Torsion Bar Suspension System

The torsion bar suspension system is a type of auto suspension system that utilizes a torsion bar spring, which is a type of spring that is made of a flexible metal bar. The suspension system consists of the torsion bar, a shock absorber, and a lever arm. The torsion bar is attached to the front or rear axle and absorbs vertical motion, while the shock absorber is used to dampen the vertical motion. The lever arm is attached to the torsion bar and helps support the weight of the car. The torsion bar suspension system is durable and offers good ride quality, but can be more expensive than other types of suspension systems.


Air Suspension System

The fourth type of auto suspension system is the air suspension system. This type of suspension utilizes air springs and shock absorbers to support the vehicle's chassis and provide a comfortable ride. The air springs are filled with air through a compressor and act as a cushion, allowing the vehicle to absorb bumps and undulations on the road. The shock absorbers are also adjusted to control the stiffness of the suspension. This type of suspension is typically used on luxury vehicles and provides excellent handling and comfort for passengers.

Magnetic Suspension System

The fifth type of auto suspension system is the magnetic suspension system. This system works by using magnets to suspend the vehicle's body above the wheels. This type of suspension is often used in luxury cars, as it offers a smoother ride than other suspension types. It is also more efficient at absorbing shock and bumps from the road, as the magnets absorb the energy from the bumps and dissipate it as heat. The main disadvantage of magnetic suspension systems is that they are more expensive than other suspension systems.


It's important to understand the different types of auto suspension systems and the impact they can have on the performance and comfort of your car. Zhejiang Jiahang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the IATF16946&AS9100D quality system certification, and the heat treatment process, non-destructive testing, mechanical performance testing, etc.



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