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What is the difference between forged aluminum alloy wheels

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After spinning process after the wheel has been basically formed, and then after lathe finishing, grinding paint can get finished aluminum alloy wheel. Because the forging process is complex, the forging equipment is expensive, so the cost of forging wheel is relatively high.

It can be seen from the comparison of the blank parts of the two traditional manufacturing processes that the forging technology has smooth section and the metal grains are closely arranged without rough feeling, while the cast aluminum alloy wheel has loose grain arrangement and the large section of the metal grains has a strong rough feeling.

Under the microscope, the metal molecules of the cast wheel are loosely arranged and the particles are larger, while the metal molecules of the forged aluminum alloy wheel are closely arranged.

Jia Hang aluminum alloy forging said that although the manufacturing process is different, but from the appearance of the finished aluminum alloy wheel is not distinguishable, but there is a big difference in the metal characteristics. Overall comparison, there is no difference between the two in heat dissipation performance, weight, because forging is better than casting process, manufacturing required less material, so forged aluminum alloy wheels are generally lighter than casting.

Jia Hang aluminum alloy forging said that in addition, forged aluminum alloy wheels in toughness, impact resistance, strength, bearing capacity and other aspects of relatively high casting. In the heat dissipation performance is similar, the forged aluminum alloy wheels are light and can carry strong capacity, although the forged wheels are more expensive, but the same performance is better. Overall consideration, this is why the choice of forged aluminum wheels.



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